Multipro Indian Ghodiyu, a baby hammock!

image1 (1)


I received this item as a baby shower gift from my brother and I am so happy he got this for our baby! Before we were using a bassinet and it was absolutely terrible. My baby was not a fan of it. Whenever we would transition him from our arms into it, he would wake up and we would have to repeat the whole soothing process all over again.


At first we were concerned about it being unsafe for a newborn and increasing the possibility of SIDS. We chose to test out the flat bed version but ended up using the curved bed for most of his early 4 months of life.

The pros about the curved bed is that, along with the swaddling, it keeps our baby feeling like he’s in a cocoon and this really extends our sleep cycle to 4-5 hours.. 6 on those lucky nights! The cons are that once he begins to flip over in his sleep it is not really recommended to continue using this product, even with the flat bed.

We have now transitioned our baby into a crib, and have once again regressed in our sleep cycle, but it was finally time. We had a great stretch in using this product – at least 5 1/2 months.

I seriously recommend this product for any newbie parents. It’s truly great. I used it during his newborn phase until he grew out of it.

This product is found on Amazon and can be purchased with Prime for $164.00. This would include both the curved and flat bed style.


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