Trying to get your Milk Supply up? TRY BREWER’S YEAST in Tablet form!


I decided to take Brewer’s Yeast in tablet form along with Fenugreek in order to boost up my breast milk supply. If you have ever tried Brewer’s Yeast in powdered, you probably know just how disgusting it can turn a yummy shake into major “YUCK!”.

This tablet is tasteless and gets the job done. I once made the mistake of including this into my morning regiment 3 days prior to an all day music festival. Needless to say, I got a plugged duct the moment I missed one feeding. Ouch! I know, but I have been having nothing but a stockpile of breast milk in my freezer ever since then.

I’d recommend this product to stay at home mamas that just want to catch a break away from their young ones or working mamas that rely on breast milk to feed their precious babes while they are away at work. Just make sure to never miss a pumping session/feeding! This stuff is powerful.

Also, please do no take the box’s recommended dosage. I found that to be WAY too much for me. I recommend beginning at 2 tablets a day in the A.M.

This product can be purchased on Amazon for $10.00 with Prime. This bottle contains 240 tablets and has lasted me 3 months so far and counting!


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