Babygoal, a Great Alt. for Diaper Covers.


Everyone makes it seem like Cloth Diapering is the most complicated and the most unnecessary thing you could add into your life… I mean, who wants to touch and wash poopy diapers when you can just toss it in the trash right?

Many healthcare professionals claim it is unsanitary and if they are okay with Cloth Diapering but then they hear you mainly use Flats, FSTs, Prefolds and Covers, they find it repulsive that you’re reusing the same cover a good 4-5 times before exchanging them for a new set of covers to take over.

I honestly find Covers the way to go!

My first ever cloth diaper buy were Babygoal Covers. Not a well-known brand but nonetheless has very reasonable pricing. Although many would have steered clear of this China brand, I’m glad I chose to invest in them. I use them daily and have yet to have experienced any leaks due to relaxed elastics nor do I have any signs of wear and tear! The covers are double gusseted so it helps contain those messy blowouts that my breastfed baby has occasionally. The snaps are in perfect working condition each and every time after use.

You are able to adjust the Cover to your babe’s needs. For instance, my baby has these juicy chunky thighs that I gotta make sure I have it snapped on the last setting just around the leg to not cause any red markings on his skin but then super slim around his hips so those blowouts do not seep through.

No need to spend a fortune on top branded diaper covers – seriously. These Babygoal covers do wonders. This set can be bought on Amazon for$27.99 with FREE shipping. This set includes 6 covers and one wet/dry bag that has been really good to us.


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