Cooking made hassle free with Ozeri!


I find it interesting how this pan has a honeycomb texture on the bottom of the interior side of the pan. I have never seen that before and the concept makes sense too. Apparently, those little opening on the pan allow for heat to be evenly distributed throughout the pan. I was able to cook an egg on less the medium heat within 4 minutes. The pan does take some time to heat up, but before you know it – it gets HOT even on low temperatures! Such an incredibly easy clean-up. Nothing stuck onto the frying pan. I did not have to leave it soaking for a while to get the food particles off. I used the recommended amount of oil and cooking was honestly a breeze. I look forward to continuing my long-term use with this frying pan. I recommend this pan to everyone who enjoys cooking.

This 8″ Green Earth Frying Pan by Ozeri can be bought on Amazon for $24.99 with Prime. It even comes with this pan protector to prevent scratches if you stack your pans together – I know I do!


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