Younique Instant Lifting Serum

I had the pleasure of being selected to test out a sample of Younique’s Instant Lifting Serum. Since I am still in my prime youth, I chose my mother to test out this Younique product who’s face, although beautiful, has depreciated over time.

“A little goes a long way.” Or so they claim.

We took the photo at 10:58 am in the before shot. My mother dabbed a bit on the fine lines she has engraved into the corners of  her mouth as well as her smile lines. We waited 30 minutes, which is the maximum amount of time for Younique’s product to begin showing effects. My mother still did not feel the “tightening” the product claims to have. We waited another 2 hours, which apparently is the maximum amount of time of the maximum amount of time to show effects, and still did not see any significant improvement. Finally, we checked again and decided to take the after usage shot in the same location at 4:23 pm. I kept asking my mum throughout the day, does your face feel any different? Tighter? To which she would reply “No”.

So what can we conclude from this?

Well if Younique’s product actually does work, a small amount does not seem to go a long way. More is definitely needed to feel the tightening that the product claims. Yet then again, this could just be another self-proclaiming product that schemes women into continuously purchasing a product that will never show effects. Whichever it may be, it is inevitably up to the consumer who wishes to test out the product and try it for themselves. Due to our experience, we will not be doing such thing.


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