Space Exploration Decals make a great touch to a Space-themed Nursery!


My husband and I had so much fun together placing these Space Exploration Space Decals by Tree Penguin in our son’s corner. Since we live in a one bedroom apartment, our 8 month old son co sleeps with us. We wanted to make his corner uniquely his until we’re able to afford a bigger place. The space decals are see-through and not white as you might believe when you see them placed on the parchment. They are HUGE which is great if you’re really trying to fill up a wall like we were. The decals were sticky, despite removing them and re-positioning them rough 2-4 times each. I wish that there were more asteroids included into the set, that way we could have replicated the asteroid belt on our son’s wall. The characters are cute (astronaut and space aliens) but we chose not to include them since they were fairly large and we were trying to keep this as realistic as possible. What I like about this product is that is also comes with a facts sheet. That way, if you were to do this with your child, it would be a fun learning experience. I definitely plan on purchasing this product again when we do move out. It’s great!

This product can be purchased on Amazon for $16.97 with Prime shipping.


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