Yianna Sports Bra

I am all for finding the ultimate sports bra to work out in, lounge in, sleep in. I absolutely love them. They’re is nothing more comfortable than having your breasts snugged into a sports bra.

I chose to purchase the Yianna Sports Bra hoping to find the same comforting snug feeling. I find this bra to be very comfortable and absolutely LOVE wearing it to spend my lazy days at home and to sleep. The fabric is considerably soft and perfect for ultimate usage. The fabric is a two-way stretch which allows for some room in flexibility for your boobs.

However, it is not at all supportive for your breasts at all. I would not recommend using this “sports” bra in any sport activity. The bra’s band does not tuck underneath your breasts as it should… instead the band is just a part of the bra. What I mean by this is that the band is right on my under boob instead of underneath to add support.

It was a bit confusing when I was ordering on their Amazon product page since they had absolutely no reference in size and I kind of had to play it by experience in purchasing bras from Amazon. I ordered a size Medium and find that to be the only appropriate size I could have ordered. I would not have been able to order any other size. Small would have definitely had had my knockers spilling over the sides and Large would have been an overkill in the band width.

I do recommend this a a sleeping bra and definitely one to lounge in around the house. But if you’re trying to tie those puppies down while you’re out for a jog or going hard in your kick boxing class, I recommend snagging another instead.

This Sports Bra by Yianna can be purchased on Amazon for $13.99 with Prime. I received this item for free.


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