Got Wine?

God, there is nothing more soothing to me than a glass of red wine in the evenings. You just need something to calm your nerves on your long day, even if your day was relatively chill and good humored. So much better than developing the nasty habit of smoking cigarettes that’s for sure.

Tonight I am drinking a Publix cheap-y that was on sale for $14.99 . This wine is called Stella Rosa Black, best served chilled and could be paired with dessert as well as spicy foods. Not your typical red wine as it does have more of a sweeter taste and has a refreshing grape juice taste to it, but for this evening it will do.

What is of most importance here, is not the easily replaceable wine, but rather the memorable Red Wine Glasses by RÖD Wine. These fine glasses can hold 22 ounces of your delectable choice. The crystalline is thin, but of great quality. The bowl of wine glasses are wide, perfect for allowing the aromas and flavors to enter your nostrils as you inhale and taste your desired wine. The stem of the cup are approximately 2.75 inches. This might be a favorable height for some, especially for formal dinners and gatherings. Personally I love shorter stems. However, drinking wine out of glasses have never felt more perfect than with RÖD Wine.

This product can be purchased on Amazon for $43.90 with FREE shipping. These Wine Glasses come in a set of 3 and is beautifully packaged; perfect as a gift for any wine connoisseur.

I received this item at a discount.


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