A9S Smart Watch by Power Lead

I am absolutely fascinated by smart watches. I find it absolutely evolutionary that an intricate piece of machinery that has provided mankind with time since the pocket watch was created now does more than just keeping time.

I have had the good fortune of testing out one of Power Lead’s Bluetooth capable Smart Watch. The model that I was given and have been able to test out is A9S. This smart watch is compatible with iOS and Android. You are able to insert a micro sim card, take pictures, answer calls, send texts, access you cellphone’s contacts, play your music, along with other features. The smart watch has an app that you are able to synchronize your watch to. I was unable to access this feature since Apple would not allow me to open the app on my phone. The app, I believe would have been beneficial for anyone who is interested in keeping track of your health and fitness.

I was easily able to connect my iPhone to the smart watch without any difficulties. You are able to be at least 20 feet away from your smartphone device before the watch and phone disconnect. I highly recommend having a sim card with this device, as you will be missing out on a couple of the features that this phone has to offer – such as this “penguin” looking app and messenger app that is already preinstalled into the watch. You aren’t able to save the photos you take on the camera without a sim card either, nor save your contacts into it as well (only access your phone’s contacts via Bluetooth). One thing about the camera is that it is poorly located on the right side of the watch that is facing up your arm. This makes it not only difficult to take selfies, but also of your environment.

I have also not been able to send out a text message through the watch, but I have been able to make and answer calls. The speakers are spot on when you are jamming to music, but when you are trying to listen to someone on the line, it is so hard to make out what they are saying. Unless you are indoors, possibly in a library setting where it is minimal noise, you will not effectively make out what the person on the other end is saying. I have to always place the watch up to my ear just to properly hear the person and probably look really weird doing so.

I honestly cannot complain about this watch. If I were well equipped for it, then maybe it would be awesome. It’s a great watch for the price. Probably not a good as an Apple Watch, and has room for improvement, but definitely useful and functional.

This smart watch can be purchased on Amazon with Prime for $63.99.

I received this product for free.


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