Car Wash – LuxyHome Garden Hose and Trinova Car Shampoo & Conditioner

My man loves taking care of his Titanium baby. He prefers washing his baby by hand than taking it to our local car wash. So what does a good girlfriend do? She finds him a premium Car Shampoo and Conditioner (because our cars need to be conditioned too) and an all-powerful Garden Hose Nozzle.

The Garden Hose Nozzle by LuxyHome comes in 8 different water spray patterns – such as Mist (perfect for watering plants),  Shower (I like to use this setting when I am bathing my dog), Jet (awesome to use when cleaning out your car’s tires), and so forth. The grip on the handle is comfortable to use and does not tire your hands from use. This package even comes with extra pressure valve replacements in case your nozzle starts leaking due to pressure over time.

The Car Was Solution by TriNova is great in cleaning off any dirt and gunk your car may acquire without damaging the paint on your car. This product leaves your car looking all smooth and shiny, like the day it came out of the dealership lot. Just 1oz. of solution is all you need to cover your car from headlights to taillights. The Car Shampoo and Conditioner comes with a microfiber Car Wash Mitt! That way you don’t even put a single scratch on your car with a raggy ol’ towel. I recommend putting in the solution FIRST and then adding the water. That was the solution will mix in really well.

The LuxyHome Garden Hose can be purchased on Amazon for $13.99 with Prime. The TriNova Car Wash Solution can also be purchased on Amazon for $15.97 with Prime.

(If you click on the hyperlinks corresponding to the product above, you will be taken directly to their Amazon product listing.)

I received these products for free.



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