Women’s PJs by Vilania

Typically, I am the type of gal that will go to sleep in my underwear because there is nothing as soft as the sheets that I have laid out on my bed. I’m sure, that everyone can agree that being snuggled up and cozy when going to sleep is everyone’s top priority.

What I LOVE about this Women’s Pajama Set by Vilania is that it provides maximum comfort at night! The lightweight jersey feels oh, so good and soft against my skin. The button down design of the top is perfect for a quick access to your boob when you are breastfeeding at night time. The shorts are amazing if you cannot stand having your legs wrapped in fabric like I am – I get suffocated when I sleep in pajama pants.

This sleepwear outfit is even perfect for young women who are actively attending sleepovers with friends. It is very modest, but does not lose touch with being fashionable.

I ordered the Pajama Set in a size Small and in the color Navy Blue. The picture displayed in the product description is much more vibrant than how this product actually looks. Personally, I preferred the pajama set being darker, which is exactly just how I got it . The product is true to size and has become my go-to sleepwear ever since it came home.

This comfy pajama set can be bought on Amazon for $19.99 with Prime.

I received this product for free.


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