Cloth Diaper Intro and FSTs/Flats/Prefolds

Hello my lovely readers,

So I wanted to personalize my blog a bit and talk about something that I absolutely love doing and using for my baby: cloth diapers. These modernized diapers are super fun to use to style your baby and definitely economical.

Flats and Flour Sack Towels are a great way to cloth diaper and truly the most economical of doing so.

FSTs can be found in the kitchen sections at Walmart, Target, or K-Mart for less than $3.

The Bamboo Flats I demonstrated were purchased from Eco Cloth. These can be a bit more expensive because bamboo is a soft material – roughly $2.50 per flat. They are very thin, but despite the thin layer, you are definitely able to absorb sufficient liquid.

Prefolds are very effective and absorbent once you reach maximum absorbency. The brand I use and love are from Ooscosy on Amazon. I purchased a pack of 6 for $20.

All of these diapers require a diaper cover. Two brands that I interchange between are HappyEndings and BabyGoal (both of which can be found on Amazon). Babygoal diaper covers are super affordable and have lasted so far from birth until 9 months, and it looks like they will be going strong until potty training. I purchased a set of 6 with a wet/dry bag included for only $36.99 with free shipping. HappyEndings are a solid brand, with an amazing PUL material that is a lot smoother than my china brand cover. These covers are about $12 each.

Next video will cover Pocket Diapers.


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