Flashing. Lights, Lights!

Naisidier LED Globe Lights


The way I am using these Globe Lights by Naisidier is as a decorative lighting arrangement around my bed. I love the warmth the globe lights add to my bedroom when all other lights are off. When I have the lights set to the gradient mode, the lights all around my bed gradually fade in and out. I find this setting to be very soothing especially when I have an amazing aromatic essential oils blend in my diffuser. You are obviously able to decorate this whether indoors or outdoors however it is you wish to choose. You have 33 feet to get really creative with these awesome lights!

There are a total of 8 light modes that you are able to play with. You can have them all flashing simultaneously by popping in and out, doing the wave, or even just staying lit. When they are all lit, the LED power is quite significant and I am able to comfortably read a book on my bed with this as my only light source.

Having to interchange between modes can be somewhat annoying when you have to move 8 modes to get to your desired mode. I think one way the company could have really improved this product was by adding a remote control. In order to turn off the lights is by pulling the plug. Another issues that I have faced, but relatively minimal, is that one of my lights has a missing globe. I was able to hide it without the LED bulb being visible.

This product is definitely worthwhile if you’re looking to invest in Christmas tree lighting for this upcoming holidays. Thirty three feet will allow you to wrap around a 5 foot Christmas tree without having to need another set, and the fun light modes will really bring some livelihood into the holiday spirit.

This product can be found on Amazon for $12.59 with Free Shipping


I received this product for free.


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